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 *In 2021, Riyad has been exploring many new compositions by Schubert, especially that this compositions brings him a lot of peace. Please click on VIDEOS , Youtube Channel, social media to watch recent videos related to Schubert! 

* Read recent review about Riyad's solo recital dedicated to Schubert at St Mary's Perviale "Refined beauty in the name of peace" by clicking on Reviews

* In 2020, Riyad will be performing for Bideford Music Club, Dartford Grammar School, Oriental Club and St Nicholas Church at the UK amongst other concerts. 



*In April 2019, Riyad has joined the stage with Dame Mitsuko Uchida for a concert at Cadogan Hall in London raising £90000 for "Hands up for Syria" organization.

*In August 2018 Riyad won the Grand Slam/ First Prize at the International Liszt Ference Piano Competition. 

*In December 2017 Riyad won the mid-day Manchester audition and will be making his debut at the Birdgwater Hall in Manchester in 2018-2019. 

 *Riyad has recentely been invited to teach Piano at the Junior Department of Guildhall School of Music from September 2017.

*In April 2017 Riyad won the Gold Medal at the Berliner International Piano Competition and will be presented by Manhattan Concert Artists. 

* New Video recording of a Syrian Compositions  by Kareem Roustom and Chopin Nocturne Op.9, No. 3 can be found at VIDEOS

* ITV Border interview Riyad about Syria before performing for Carlisle Music Society and video can be found at VIDEOS

 *In August 2016, Riyad has been sellected as one of 24 finalists to complete at the Busoni International Piano Competition in August 2017.

*In June 2015 The Countess of Munster Trust has exceptionally sellected Riyad as an artist for a 2nd year. He will be giving regular solo recitals  at many prestigious music socities at the UK and abroad, including some concerto performances with orchestras during the next season 2015-2017.

 *In June 2015 Riyad graduated with distinction in Master of Performance from the Royal College of Music .

* Recent reviews from Sunderalnd amd Cockermouth Societies can be found be clicking on Sunderland or Cockermouth

*In June 2014 Riyad has been selected as an artist at The Couness of Munster Concert Scheme.

 *A recent review on 1s prize winner concert of Norah Sande Award "Riyad Nicolas" can be found be clicking on Eastbourne review

*In February 2014 Riyad won the Gold Medal at the prestigious Chappell Medal Piano Competition at the Royal College of Music.

"In July 2013 Riyad won the 1st prize in Norah Sande Award Piano Competition and will be performing in Eastbourne and Cambs in the UK as part of the prize. Please go to "Concerts" section for more updates.

* The success of his Beethoven Emperor Concerto performance with London Chamber Orchestra led to a considerable fund raising of over £150000 for The International Rescue Committe (for Syria) at the UK. Samples of videos can be seen by clicking on VIDEOS

* In February 2012 , Riyad was chosen as one of the Tillett Trust’s Young Artist Platform Scheme. Very recentely in October 2012 he made his debut in Wigmore debut and soon he will be making his debut in Cadogan Hall performing Beethoven 5th Concerto with the London Chamber Orchestra. In addition he will be performing in many prestigious festivals in the UK and also in Spain.

*Riyad is working on his CD recording offer in France being the 1st prize winner of Francaix International Piano Competition. 

*Teaching: In addition to Riyad's performance career, Riyad has an extensive teaching experience having started to teach the Piano from 2007 till now. He is now teaching at the JD of Guildhall School of Music and Dartford Grammar School. For private teaching please email info@riyadnicolas.com

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